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Tex Zeta is based on a history of passion and commitment, product ethics and clear-headed intuition while becoming a very Italian pole of excellence in corsetry, underwear, homewear and beachwear.

Everything started in 1936 with the foundation of Imec that set up the production of nylon underwear in the area between Bergamo and Lecco. The results were not long in coming thanks to the targeted investments, the high specialization as well as the strong awareness due to advertising through the famous “Carosellos” (*) of the Sixties. Since 1966 the supply has become more and more extensive, including corsetry and beachwear, while celebrating the excellence of fully Italian style and production. Since 2005, Imec has belonged to Tex Zeta and has incorporated the existing brands while keeping on with the product culture as well as the attention addressed to quality and service: a traditional recipe that has always represented a guarantee of identity and credibility.

In 2010, the new and modern headquarters are established: a new and cutting-edge design, run by Fabio Micheli, managing director of Tex Zeta, who was able to give added value to a quite emblematic and above all, functional type of architectural design. The new building is made up of three main units: a central unit where the sales, administration and production departments are located; on one side the sale area and, on the opposite side, the very creative heart of the business, i.e., the design department and the production divisions.

In 2012, Ritratti Milano, Swan Original and Rochas (as a licence) brands are taken over by Tex Zeta with the purpose of opening a window on the foreign luxury markets as well as letting Imec take off in other territories.

The woman who buys a Tex Zeta garment is a woman who decides to choose and is fully aware of fashion without being a victim of it; it is a woman that likes whispered words better than cried-out words; she knows how important details and “well-made” are and she enjoys playing with the “semiotics” and the “signification” of her own body. The quality of fabrics and accessories up to the knowledge of both the working hands and the noblest Italian manufacturing art stand for an example of quite unattainable excellence. With regards to underwear, corsetry, homewear and beachwear, the Tex Zeta brands’ production is built up on both seasonal and permanent collections. As far as the latter are concerned, underwear, slips and corsetry fulfill B-C-D-E cups wearability needs.

Tex Zeta brands: Imec, Ritratti Milano, Swan Original, Jaloe, Franca Von Wunster.

(*) Carosello: an Italian television advertising show
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